A few more flowers

June blooms



Neoporteria paucicostata

Graptopetalum bellum

Mammillaria zeilmanniana alba


Echinocereus fitchii

An ebay purchase earlier this year and my star player today

Bradford BCSS Show

Had a pleasant hour at the Bradford show this morning and came away feeling half inspired and half overawed – the size of some of the exhibits made me realise what babies most of mine are. Everyone is always so friendly at BCSS events and very generous with advice and encouragement. Managed to keep myself under fairly strict control and only came away with 10 new plants including a Lophophora williamsii which obligingly came into bloom in the car boot on the way home.

I think the big guy on the right here is Oreocereus trollii

a Ferocactus

and the Echinocactus grusonii class

Well I always enjoy a challenge – just hope I’ve got 30 years left to nurture my little ones to these proportions.

Looking good today

Aporophyllum ‘Beautie’

Rebutias looking good

Rebutias May 2010

Sun out on a Saturday when I wasn’t at work – this is the first year I’ve seen what my Rebutias can do.

Plant of today

Aporocactus flagelliformis – from Harlow Car in 2008, flowers better every year and likes to spend the summer hanging outside in an apple tree. Looking good today.

Aporocactus Flagelliformis - Rats Tail Cactus

Sunshine at last

Beautiful day but didn’t see a lot of it – out on a training course all day and most of the mammillaria and rebutia flowers had gone back to bed by the time I got in. A few more germinations today though, notably the notocactus magnificus (parodia magnifica) which have come up in force just as I’d given up on them.

Plant of the Day

It wouldn’t win any prizes but I’m very proud of this little Rebutia – it’s the first ever of my self-sown seedlings to flower and it just managed this single bloom 3 years on from sowing in 2007. From a Rebutia mixture sourced from Scampton Succulents on eBay.  There are another eight or so of various shapes and sizes from the same pack that haven’t yet flowered – maybe next year.

Rebutia: My First Flower - please ignore Horrid Pot

Slow Start Seeds

This year’s seeds seem slow to get going or maybe I’m getting more impatient as I use up my remaining years. Germinaton rates haven’t been great either – way under 50% so far.Of the sowings made at the beginning of May, current seedlings showing are as follows:

From Middleton Cactus Mart (BCSS seed, no heat)

  • Thelocactus bicolour – 4
  • Astrophytum mixed – 4
  • Mammillaria (Mamillopsis) senilis – 5
  • Frailea pumila – 1
  • Echinocereus rigidissimus – 0
  • Echinocereus pectinatus – 0

From Kakteen Haage (with bottom heat for first 10 days)

  • Agave parryi – 0
  • Aloe ramosissima – 2
  • Mammillaria geminispina – 6
  • Mammillaria guelzowiana – 1
  • Mammillaria wilcoxii – 0
  • Matucana madisoniorum – 5
  • Parodia magnifica – 0
  • Fouquieriea splendens – 2
  • Hesperaloe funifera – 0
  • Operculicaria decaryi – 0
  • Pachypodium densiflorum – 2
  • Astrophytum mix – 11
  • Echinocereus mix – 2
  • Echinopsis hybrid mix – 6
  • Epiphyllum mix – 1
  • Rhipsalidopsis mix – 0
  • Ferocactus mix – 3
  • Lobivia mix – 2
  • Rebutia mix – 2
  • Flowering mix – 3

Kept back half the  KH succulent seeds and am trying them in vermiculite bags to see if they germinate more readily – found this a very successful method earlier in the year to get Adenium, Cissus juttae & Agave parryi going.

And the Plant of the Day is…

Rebutia hybrid ‘Celebration’ from Southfield Nurseries (Cactusland)

Rebutia hybrid 'Celebration'


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